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Build a Strong Social Presence through the  Power of Influence

LocalMasters’ Brand Ambassador Coaching Program helps organizations invest in their people to accelerate sales, boost positive social image, and become a popular face.

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Build Deep-Rooted Connections

Coach your employees, customers, ambassadors, and influencers to develop valuable relationships with their connections on a more personal level.

  • Advocacy coaching content designed by experts
  • Develop skills to represent your brand in the best possible light
  • Industry best practices and tips to drive social sales
  • Advanced mentorship support

Fast Track Positive Social Presence

Accelerate your positive brand image and boost exposure without having to rely on expensive marketing ploys.

  • Quick adoption of social advocacy skills
  • Case study-based coaching methodology
  • Auto-enrollment of all advocates

Incentivize Desirable Behavior for Goal Accomplishment

Learn how to coach your employees, customers, and ambassadors around your brand’s value proposition and get them excited about it.

  • Bite-sized content that’s easy to assimilate
  • Dynamic leaderboards & Virtual badges
  • Accelerated adoption of social advocacy skills

Develop Advocacy Skills to Drive Positive Image & Boost Revenue. Get Started Today!

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